Stamp Collecting And The Fun You Can Get Out Of It

Hello ! So You have decided to begin a stamp collection. You further choose to collect US postage stamps initially. There are several things you will want to know before starting your collection. Stamp collecting is an immensely popular hobby among people from all age groups.

Philately is another name for stamp collecting. This unique hobby enables people to understand and recall varied cultures as well as major national events of countries.

If you are new in the field of stamp collecting, then here are some key facts. Stamp collecting is categorized into two main groups. They are good stamp collecting and used stamp collecting.

Stamp Collecting is Fun!

A postage stamp is a small paper cut out with some impressive works of art on it. It is used to pay for the cost of sending the letter to its destination. Today, stamps are not just for mailing but are collected as well.

In earlier times, the person who received the letter used to pay for its delivery according to the number of pages. Nowadays, things have become easier as the sender pays the postage beforehand.

The sender does so with the help of postage stamps. The hobby of stamp collecting is called as stamp collection.

Stamp Collecting

If you begin your stamp collection with used stamps, then you would be able to get various rare American stamps from different countries easily. Opting for used stamps would be undoubtedly beneficial.

What Does a Philatelist Collect

Before starting your stamp collection, you must decide an appropriate theme for it. For those who are opting for thematic stamp collecting, must be prepared for restricting their collection, as they have to limit it to particular subject or country.

It would be advisable to begin stamp collecting with some general topics. For instance, you may start your stamp collection with animals, national events, flowers, etc.

You can also make your stamp collection more arranged and informative by sorting it accordingly. You would be amazed to know that approximately 200 countries are producing stamps annually on varied topics.

Local stamp dealers would undoubtedly play a vital role in your hobby of stamp collecting. You can also buy a high packet of used stamps from him or rare, valuable stamps. The used collection will be quite pocket-friendly for you. Moreover, you would be able to get a large number of stamps featuring varied subjects.

Stamp Community


To make things easier for the stamp collectors, various stamp clubs are also available. You can pay a visit to these clubs. They would be quite informative and helpful in attaining your goal of stamp collecting.

These stamp clubs would also enable you to meet with other stamp collectors. You can also share ideas with them.

In this manner, your hobby of stamp collecting would make you more social as well as interactive. To update your knowledge for stamp collecting, you must pay a regular visit to post offices.

To experience the real fun of stamp collecting, you must explore it thoroughly! You can search online for engaging Stamp Community forum.

Stamp Collecting Apps

There are lots of Stamp collecting apps for android as well as I phone users too. Alternately you can find Stamp identification app too which is quite handy for stamp collecting.

If you are searching for free postage stamp identification software, then head over to search engine and find a suitable software as per your need.

Buy Stamp Collecting Software from Amazon 

What You Should Know To Collect US Postage Stamps

To begin with, you will want to know the different types of stamps that have been made in the US and for what purpose. This information will help you select US postage stamps for your collection.

Definitive stamps are the most typical US postage stamps. Definitive stamps are mass produced and are used for general mailing. One of the most common final stamp designs is the American flag. Generally speaking, these stamps are not collect able.

The majority of US postage stamps printed after 1930 are easy enough to get and therefore have little if any value. US postage stamps after 1930 that may be of value include stamps that were printed with errors. You will need to research carefully to determine which of these stamps are worth you acquiring.

All countries have different stamp designs. You will find that a standard US postage stamp design is a late president. US postage stamps do not feature people who are not deceased. Should the U.S. Postal Service print a stamp featuring an individual who is still alive, the stamp may indeed prove valuable and highly collect able.

Stamps featuring famous people are also standard.

US Postage Stamps for Collectors

A large group of stamp collectors resides in the US, and many of them are enthusiastic when it comes to United States postage stamps.

Each collector will have his or her favorite patch types – some go for the old and faded while others appreciate stamp blocks or new and rare models.

United States postage stamps offer collectors a huge variety of models and design types, which makes stamp collecting an interesting and engaging hobby.

Stamps Collectors Near Me

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on United States postage stamps, you can look for older or canceled ones. Blocks of stamps that are only barely scrapped can be of real value to any collection. So it’s better to find out nearest stamp collectors of you.

Compared to mint condition stamps of the same issue, canceled stamps are inexpensive and still pertain the same visual qualities.

Plate blocks are another attractive option, and many traditionalist stamp collectors see these as the ultimate goal for their collections.

Stamps Store Near Me

United States postage stamps that do come in pairs or groups are harder to gather, a fact that makes them even more valuable.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on plate blocks, you can go for the singles.

They are considerably cheaper, and you can find all the stamps from one collection if you look hard enough. Other appreciated United States postage stamps come in coils.

These are also a bonus to any collector’s acquisitions. Plate number coils are even harder to find, and you should be looking for some that come in symmetrical strips.

Used plate singles may be available if you look in the right places, as they are quite common among other United States postage stamps.

Different Types of Stamps

One of the most popular stamps featured Elvis Presley. The famous person may not necessarily be an American. Another traditional stamp featured Princess Diana

Commemorative Stamps

Commemorative stamps are more popular now than ever. Commemorative stamps feature depictions of special historical moments or events. A standard commemorative stamp is one featuring the current Olympics.

Commemorative stamps have a limited run as well as availability period.

These stamps are perfect for collecting, especially if you use themes in your collection organization. These stamps do not necessarily have a monetary value associated with them.

Each year the postal service designs and produces special stamps for specific holidays such as the Fourth of July and Christmas. These stamps are also perfect for theme collections, again usually of limited or no value.

Mint Stamp

You will want to find old rare stamps in mint condition to add to your collection. These are the US postage stamps that are financially valuable.

You will need to research to find out what the most standard US postage stamps are and which ones are the rarest and most prized. You want to understand how to determine the value of US postage stamps as you build your collection.

Want additional information? The Smithsonian National Postal Museum is an incredible source for everything you ever wanted to know about US postage stamps. The Museum offers a plethora of information about to US postage stamps and postal services.

Postage Stamp Collecting at Glance

Postage stamp collections or philately collection is a part time education. Wholesale stamps for collectors save stamps from letters, stamps, specifically from other nations. They also uncover stamps that represent a lengthy time ago. The stamp enthusiasts could be identified everywhere.

Notebooks and glassiness envelopes filled with stamps are exciting to examine. Numerous in the stamps they gather is beneficial also.

Supplies required to begin the collection consist of a stamp album and different mounting tapes referred to as hinges.

Numerous collectors specialize in postage stamp collections at present accessible commemorative as final time. There are different stamps style that is distinct, lovely and exciting.


Stamp Collecting


Commemorative their unique stamps released by the post workplace to get a restricted time. Most nations in the world print postage are warning from time to time, and it can become the unique and unusual postage stamp collections that people can have.

You will also find organizations that can send you an introduction to the collection to acquire a foreign postage stamp collections clients on the mailing list. Collecting stamps may be the past time education and postage stamp collections at times might be extremely valuable for those who can receive postage stamp correctly.

Postage stamps are usually an adhesive type label stuck on envelopes and packages as proof of the fee paid for postal services for delivery of the item to the targeted destination.

Price Of Stamp

Postage Stamps today come in many different shapes, sizes, and prices and can also be printed online or from your home or office. allows you to buy postage stamps and print them off on your printer. Also, If you want cheaper postage stamps, you can get for below the face value from dealers.

If you want to know where to find customized postage stamps, you can visit any number of websites that create customized or personalized postage stamps, and that is approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS.)

The Importance of a Stamp Album

While going through the stamp album, you would come to know the liking and dislike along with the taste of collector. If you, as a stamp collector, are opting for the traditional look, then you need to opt for pen and ink. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more modern stamp album then go for software and computer printers.

Album Easy is one widely used page layout program that works on both Linux and Windows. If you are looking for preprinted stamp album, then you need not bother. Several printers are also offering this option. You may go for one country or a world wide stamp collection.

The year 1870 marked the arrival of first stamp album in the history of a postage stamp. It was titled VR and was brought out by Stanley Gibbons. It was followed by the improved and beautifully illustrated Imperial. Nowadays, White Ace, Light House, and Scott are immensely popular as stamp albums.

In earlier times, bound stamp albums were popular. But they had several drawbacks. For a long time, stamp albums were being published as books. Usually, when a stamp collector went for a specific brand, he preferred to stay with it for his lifetime. He kept on receiving yearly stamp updates by the manufacturers.

In earlier times, gums or adhesives were used for sticking the stamp to the stamp album. But, with the introduction of stamp hinges, there has been a considerable decline in the destruction of the stamp.

It would be advisable to take special care while buying a stamp album. You must go for a better quality stamp album with padded covers. This would minimize pressure exerted by next albums. Another thing that needs to be considered is the avoidance of cramming of albums too tightly. You need to take care that no gum is oozing or sticking.

If you are looking for more details, then you may also go for various online as well as offline sites. They elaborate on the main features along with giving you the best tips for creating stamp albums.

If you are planning to create a stamp album, then you will require postage stamps, beautifully designed albums, catalogs for stamp identifications, stamp tongs, stamp hinges, magnifying glass, gauge and water mark detection. These are essential to create a beautiful as well as immaculate how to sell a stamp collection.

Old Rare Stamps And Their Significance For Stamp Collectors

If you are stamping collector, then you must be well aware of the importance of old stamps. Old stamps are immensely popular among collectors. Their enormous popularity and high demand make them quite expensive. If you enjoy collecting stamps, then you must be aware of the historical past behind it.

One of the key highlights of old stamps is that they introduce you to the history attached to them. Moreover, you would be able to cherish the memories of certain key events that had an immense effect on the people of that time. Thus, old stamps serve a huge purpose for the stamp collectors.

How Much Is A Stamp Worth

Another way, if you are new to this art of stamp collection then get ready to explore an entirely new world. You would be amazed to know the real significance of these old stamps. They hold a lot of historical significance.

Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue offers a broad range of stamp for stamp lovers. In earlier times, there were a few stamps that cost around five cents. But, nowadays you have to pay thousands of dollars for the same. Many stamp collectors prefer to buy only old stamps. Their principal purpose is to make a profit by reselling the old stamps.

But those of you who love this great art of stamp collection prefer to keep them safe forever. Old stamps hold a special significance for many amongst you. For those of you who want to keep stamps forever, must place them in a good album.


Stamp Collecting


Thus, you would be able to keep your stamp collection safe throughout your life.

In the year 1840 Penny Black, the first postage stamp, came into existence. For those who are looking for fresh pieces of Penny Black, may be disappointed to know that it is relatively rare. But, if you are looking for used ones then you can have them, although you have to pay the price for rarity.

Another immensely popular rare postage stamp is Inverted Jenny. Blue Penny and Treskiing Yellow are a few great scarce and old stamps. To make things easier for the stamp collectors, there are various catalogs offering details about some significant collections.

Stamp Selling Sites

If you are looking for some old stamps, then you may also go for catalogs available at various online sites. You might get a stamp that will be worth its cost.

If you get a rarest of rare stamp then surely you will be its proud owner. Although such old stamps are quite costly, still they are worth paying. Moreover, they also hold great historical significance.

Stamp Collection And Its Importance

With the development of communication technology, snail mails and postage stamps have undoubtedly taken a back seat.

However, stamp collection has been immensely popular among people for quite some time. It is one of the most popular hobbies. People from all age groups like the distinct color and the attractive and artistic collection of these old postage stamps.

If you want to peep into the life and culture of a nation, then get its stamps. Stamps offer interesting details regarding the history, trade, arts, crafts, and people of a country. The denoting word for stamp collection is philately. In Greek, it means educative hobby.

Where Can I Sell My Old Stamps

You would be amazed to know that in various small countries, stamp collection is the primary source of revenue. In various places, stamp collection is also considered as a tangible investment. Nowadays, there is an inherent rise in the number of stamp collectors. People are enjoying this art immensely, and it is fun to collect stamps with some interesting story behind every one of them.

With the considerable increase in the number of stamp collectors, rare stamps are available at higher prices. To enjoy huge profits that can come from trade in stamps, more and more people are opting for a stamp collection. This is also known as the Philatelic investments.

For those who are new to the hobby of stamp collection, they need not bother. To make things easier for the stamp collectors, here are some helpful tips

The first thing you need to do is to give a proper thought and decide the type of stamps you want to collect. Here are a few things that need to be considered while choosing the stamp.

Suppose you are an avid traveler than collecting stamps featuring foreign locales is undoubtedly a great theme for a stamp collection. To make your selection good, you must spend a quality time while performing research in the foreign locales stamp.

Online transaction of these photo stamps also demands complete research along with expert guidance.

After spending a considerable amount of time, you would be able to make your stamp collection unique and worthwhile. Moreover, there are old postage stamps that are available at pocket-friendly prices. These old postage stamps would enable your stamp collection to give a historical look and feel.

You can also hand down your precious stamp collection to your next generation. This would be a unique and a great gift for them. Stamp collection is undoubtedly one of the most popular hobbies, which is growing worldwide rapidly. On the positive side, this affordable hobby would also enable you to know the world around you tightly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Postage Stamp Collecting

Q. Why Stamp Collecting is popular?

-> Top reasons why stamp collecting is popular. Read Here

Q. How to do Stamp Collecting?

-> Buy stamps from nearby post offices. Apart from these, you can join a stamp collector’s club.

Q. Where to buy Stamp Collecting supplies?

-> Head over to online retail shops like Amazon where you will get the best Stamp collecting supplies.

Q. What’s another word for stamp collecting?

-> Philately

Q. What is the best stamp collecting software?

-> LignUp Stamps MultiCollector apps for Mac users.

Q. What is topical stamp collecting?

->Topical stamp collecting is the collecting of postage stamps relating to a particular subject or concept. It is known as well as thematic stamp collecting.

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Stamp Collecting And The Fun You Can Get Out Of It
Philately is another name for stamp collecting. This hobby enables people to understand recall varied cultures as well as major national events of countries


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