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In the beginning, these stamps were hand stamped or postmarked with ink. The first stamps were done in 1661 at the London General Post Office. Henry Bishop created the invention of the ink marked postage and the marking were dubbed the “Bishop Mark.”

The letter had the month and day that it was mailed to let the recipient know when the message had been sent. Later the British started what is called the Penny Black stamp, which was the engraved image of Queen Victoria’s head. This stamp was the first modern post office stamp, and it was created in 1840.

The stamp developed into a penny post card to make it very simple for anyone wanting to send just a short message. In 1873 the penny post card was started. This brought on the idea that perhaps mail should be divided into four classes charging more or less depending on the class of mail.

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Post Office Near Me

The US post office offers you stamps to cover your shipping or any mail that you need to have delivered. It is easy to go to the post office and buy post office stamps. We are compiling the detailed list of all post offices near me very soon. This list is going to be updated here very soon!

Stamps became very familiar in the United States. The whole country appreciated the use of the stamps to get letters across the country. It was a sure thing that the stamp would remain with us for a lifetime.

These stamps were sold by weight to help pay the necessary money to keep mail routes open. In 1847, the first postage stamps were being sold, and by 1852, sealed envelopes were now a part of the postal system.

US Post Office Near Me

For the United States Post office to keep up with all the modern innovations it was necessary that many stamps were created to cover the variety of mail that would be posted. The stamps cover the following types of postage:

Regular mail letters
Business legal letters posted by a post office machine
Different classes of posts
Post cards
Invitations –odd size mail outs
Certified Mail
Special Delivery
UPS- Package mail
And much more
Today these stamps can be used to get a variety of items sent across the country or mailed internationally by the United States Post Office.

USPS Near Me

The shipping and delivery procedure of USPS works by using bright Mail barcodes (IMb). Go to USPS Locator to find out the USPS Near me.

It was difficult back in those days to get the mail through. The Pony Express did a lot to help letters get across the country. Those riders had to brave inclement weather, rough terrain, and the threat of the Indians. Those riders were created in 1860.

The railroads had designated post routes by Congress in 1838 because our government needed a way to get messages to our soldiers at the different forts. For everyone to send mail across the country to each other since the majority of people had started going west to civilise the rest of this nation the postal stamp was created.

Mail Services Near Me

The United States mail service is one of the best methods to send letters, packages, and special delivery items. You only need the right amount of postage to mail your package. The post office even offers you the ability to ship anywhere in the United States for just one price. Their logo “If it fits It Ships” has been advertised widely to get more shipping business.

Closest US Post Office Near Me

You need to go USPS locator to find out closest us post office.

Rowland Hill, a noted schoolmaster from England, created the first adhesive postal stamp. Mr Rowland Hill who invented the adhesive postage stamp in 1837 was knighted. Mr Hill was credited with creating the first uniformity in doing the mailing.

He used weight as a means to charge for postage stamps instead of size. This idea helps to make mailing letters possible and practical application. The English were very instrumental in creating the stamps and the system to make it work.

where is the closest post office

Go to Post office locator to find out the closest post office near you.

In the United States, postal stamps were created and used from 1775 until this date. The very first Postmaster General who was under the Continental Congress was Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was a well-known public official and very much revered by his colleagues.

After some time mail started to gather up where no one had claimed the letters and packages, but the stamps had been paid so they should be delivered. That is why in 1825 the Dead Letter Office was created to send the unclaimed posts to a place where you could go and check for mail.

Congress that is why in 1829 the first position was joined to Congress saw the importance of having a Postmaster General.

What Time Does The Post Office Open

Post offices can work 24X7 round the clock on every date. However there are some public holidays in which post offices remain closed.

The idea of compulsory prepayment in 1855 only ensured that the postage stamp would be a thriving business. Not everyone was able to make it to the post office to post their mail that is why the street letterboxes were created in 1858.

To help those who could not get to the post office before it closed the mailbox was a help. Oddly enough, Congress determined that if you were mailing a letter to someone else in the same city that you should be able to do it free so in 1863 free city delivery was determined and passed by Congress.

Post Office Open Hours

As we said above, Post offices can work 24X7 round the clock on every date.

Find out 2017 Postal Holidays below:

Postal Holiday List of 2017 : USPS

Monday, January 2 New Year’s Day (observed)
Monday, January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
Monday, February 20 Washington’s Birthday
Monday, May 29 Memorial Day
Tuesday, July 4 Independence Day
Monday, September 4 Labor Day
Monday, October 9 Columbus Day
Friday, November 10 Veterans Day (observed)
Thursday, November 23 Thanksgiving Day
Monday, December 25 Christmas Day

The post office stamps then had to be set up for the four types of mail created in 1879. Postage stamps were very popular and at one time could be used as currency.

People would order from catalogues and send postage stamps for payment. That led to the idea of the post office selling money orders. In 1864, the United States Post Office started the first domestic money orders.

The success of domestic money orders opened the doors to foreign money orders. The problem with that is it did not take long before counterfeiters started making replicas of the post office stamps and the money orders.

To protect the post office Congress enacted the first mail fraud statute in 1872. Many things started happening with postal stamps that jetted them into the 20th century with a bang!

The postal service now was using aero planes to make quicker deliveries, and many different types of postings were happening.


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