2003 Hyundai Accent – Owner’s Manual PDF(186 pages)

Owners Manual File 


Model : 2003 Hyundai Accent
Pages : 186 Pages
File Size : 11:40 MB


Fuel Recommendation

Always use unleaded gasoline with a Octane rating of 87. If leaded gasoline is used in your Hyundai by mistakenly it will cause the catalytic converter to become ineffective and this will lead to malfunction of emission system. which will increase your periodic maintenance expenses too.

Hyundai recommends that fuels in which contains MTBE ( Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether ).

To do List during the first 1200 Miles (2000 KM)

  1. Don’t drive faster than 55 MPH (88 km/h).
  2. Use moderate acceleration during this period.
  3. Avoid hard stops for the first 200 miles ( 300 KM ).
  4. Keep your engine speed between 2000 rpm and 4000 rpm ( Revolutions per minute ).
  5.  Don’t let the engine idle longer than 3 minute at a single time.

Transmitters Battery [ car Key ] Replacement Instructions :

  1. Separate the car key case with a blade screwdriver as shown in the guide book ( page no 1-8 ).
  2. Remove the old battery from the key case and make sure to note the polarity. Most important thing is to check the polarity of the new battery is the same .

Instructions to install the child restraint seat

  1. You need to route the child restraint seat strap over the seatback.
  2.  Then remove the blanking covers on the covering shelf as shown in the 2003 Hyundai Accent – Owner’s Manual ( Page no 1-22 ).
  3. After removing the covers, connect the tether strap hook to the child restraint hook holder through the hole on  the covering shelf and tighten to secure the car seat.

Instructions for Air Filter

  1. Replace the air filter in every 12,000 miles ( 20,000 KM), if possible once a year. If your car is being driven in severe conditions such as dusty and rough roads then more frequent air filter inspections and changes are required in periodic way.
  2. When the air flow rate is decreased , it must be checked at an authorized dealer.

Instructions before starting the car engine:

  1. Always check for flat tires, puddles of oil or water before starting the car.
  2.  Check the parking brake condition, all windows and lights are clean.
  3. Check your seat, mirrors in your car.
  4. Lock all the doors.
  5. Before starting the car make sure to fasten your seat belt.
  6. Turn off all the lights and all unnecessary things.

Combination ignition switch to start the engine

  1. If your car is equipped with a manual trans axle, place the car shift lever in neutral position and depress the clutch pedal fully.
  2. If your car is equipped with an automatic trans axle, make sure to place the shift lever in “P” as shown in your 2003 Hyundai Accent – Owner’s Manual ( Page 2-3 )

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